Monthly Archives: January 2015

Social Situation difficulty?

Do any other brain injury victims out there find social situations difficult?

Trying to listen to what is said during a conversation, process it, figure out what was said actually means, think of something relevant to say back, and then say it is extremely taxing on me. I get tired just thinking about it!

But it’s not how much it tires me out that I find the most difficult. No, it’s the finding something relevant to say.

Often times I understand what was said incorrectly then I say something completely irrelevant to the conversation.

People usually just ignore my outburst any move on with the conversation. But it leaves me standing there wondering, “why did I just say that.”

I have learned to sit back and listen to the conversation, make sure I fully understand what the subject of the conversation is, think about something to say, repeat it in my head to myself, then contribute to the conversation by exclaiming my answer.

This has seemed to work well for me and I suggest it  to any one whom struggles  with the same problem as I. Continue reading