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Drink Coffee Only When Tired

I know a lot of you brain injury survivors rely on coffee to assist you through your day. I do the same thing but I have a tip that may be able to help many of you. Now, this tip works for me and like many of my posts helps me so I would like to share it with you.

I don’t drink coffee to get a kick start on my day. Many people I know drink coffee first thing, right when they wake up. This works great…if you need it. If you can carry on with your morning with the absence of coffee then do it! If you don’t need the caffeine then why ingest it, your body only gets used to it. In time it will have less of an effect on your body.

I will go throughout the day without coffee, if i can. If I ever begin to feel the fatigue set in, then I go for the coffee. The caffeine helps me jump start my body, almost helps me wake up my brain when it starts feeling tired.

I don’t drink coffee all the time because that way whenever I am in need of a “jump start” I can seek out coffee or a¬†caffeinated¬†beverage and get it.

See if you keep drinking beverages containing caffeine, your body grows immune to it. It will stop having the effect that we seek, when we reach for coffee.

Sometimes I will be at work and after I train a couple clients or work with the kids in summer camp, my brain feels “full”. I lose my ability to focus and concentrate. In between clients I go to the coffee machine. I press the espresso or latte button on the machine. It dispenses the hot beverage and after I drink it I feel great. I am ready for my next client.