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I Wish People Would Have Patience With Me Sometimes…

There is a lot of people out there that have no patience for other people. Because of everything I have been through, I know and am able to patience for/ with people.

What I mean by this is that when someone does something bad or hurtful to you you must always think outside the box. For example when someone cuts me off in traffic, then flips me the bird as they drive by I do not get angry, I simply laugh.

I do not get angry because you must think outside the box. Maybe he’s not mad at you maybe he’s dealing with something in his life that makes him angry, so the littlest thing that ticks him off makes him express that anger. Maybe he just found out his wife has cancer or maybe his son was killed in Iraq. These are all possibilities we must ponder before retaliating in some way.

I started the title of this post I wish because something happen to me at work a couple weeks ago. I work in a gym as a personal trainer. I also must clean the fitness floor. My supervisor called me into the office and scolded me for not dust moping the group fitness floor before her class.

The truth is that I would have done it if I knew I had to (I was covering someone’s shift). She got annoyed with me and thought that I should have done it the night before, but the night before some kid broke his ankle so I was busy doing that.

The point of this post is that people think that I don’t have a disability because I look like a normal person. It takes me longer to process things and remember things. So it really rubbed me the wrong way when she got mad me for not remembering to do it before her class the next day.

She needs to relax, sit back and ask herself “WHY didn’t Zach dust mop the floor” maybe she would have remembered that I have a brain injury before making a big stink over the little incident.


By Request: Post Concussion Syndrome…Does it go away??

Now I am not a doctor, nor should my information be thought of in the sense that I am. I can only do my best to respond to the question that has been asked. On that note I can give you some information based on what I have found on the internet.

Some information that I found about Post Concussion Syndrome on a site titled Medscape is:

Some symptoms one may have are decreased tolerance to noise and light, irritability, memory loss or trouble making memories, difficulty focusing, headaches, trouble sleeping, dizziness, and people become tired easily.

Persistent percussive syndrome (PPCS) is believed to be symptoms that last around 6 months.

Yet some believe that symptoms lasting 3 months can be PPCS as well.

Another site says symptoms go away in as little as a few days, few weeks, and half of all suffers are usually symptom free in a month.