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Dance to Your Own Beat

This post may sound strange at first, but I am being completely serious. I suggest dancing. Dance all you can, whenever you can/ want.

I suggest this because as you are dancing you work both sides of your brain. You work both sides of your brain because you cannot dance properly unless you move both sides of your body. This movement helps your brain figure out the coordination necessary to move correctly. At first you will be terrible, no doubt about that I was, but in time you be dancing like MJ.

The improved coordination that is obtained can help you with everyday activities. For example, you will not have to worry about stepping over someone who is lying on the ground. Before you may be scared that you might lose your balance and fall, but after you dance a little bit you will find yourself able to step over the person with ease and comfort!

I got the idea for this post from my friend Amy. She, like us has a brain injury; is a zumba instructor at my gym. She told me that she always like to dance for the very reason I have said above. She told me she believed it helped her get her coordination back.

You use both hemispheres of your brain to dance. You need both them to move both your arms, hands, feet and legs. It is a total body workout, I should say total mind workout 😉

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