Monthly Archives: February 2011

Learning How to Run-Ankle Support

I know that this was an extremely important aspect of my recovery. Learning how to run with some type of grace again. I was a division one caliber athlete before my accident (baseball) so I practiced running all the time at an attempt to get back to where I was before the accident.

This was one of the hardest things to conquer. Not only was form trouble some (which I will write another post about), but it was the weakness in my ankle that truly gave me a hard time.

Immediately as I took off running I could feel my ankle roll over and tweak itself and I would continue running but could not fully exert myself due to the fact my ankle was killing me.

This in return would really hurt my form because I would favor the ankle that I had just rolled over (my “good” ankle) instead of concentrating on the form of my leg that had left side neglect.

I saw only one way to fix this, I needed some sort of external support. But i tried ankle braces that and give to it and they were not strong enough to hold my ankle in place. They, still, allowed my ankle to roll causing me pain and affecting my form as I continued to run.

I needed something stronger! I went to the closest athletic store and found a heavy duty brace. I looked at this brace and said to myself this will hold my ankle in place, there is no way my ankle is going any where.

This brace came up to mid calf with Velcro straps and had metal bars for support running down each side of the leg. Now, I could run without causing my self injury. This allowed my ankle to get stronger (because I knew that I had to be patient and time would get it stronger).

Ya, it looked unnecessary but I had a brain injury. This is one of the things I must deal with and that’s being different. I didn’t care if I looked like I was going over board to try and support my ankle while running or if people stared at me as I jogged by. What mattered was it was helping and I could now concentrate on my form.