My Book (Miracle Kid)

Miracle Kid was a nick name given to me, by doctors, in rehab due to the speed of my recovery and how much I had recovered from. Miracle Kid is also the name of my book.

My book is all about my experiences and my life after I had acquired a traumatic brain injury. I have everything from waking up from my coma to when I had inpatient rehab at Spaulding Rehab in Boston, MA to outpatient rehab at Ramsey Rehab in Leominster, MA during my senior year of high school. I then go into detail on what it was like recovering all on my own through out college. You can look any where to find out what you should do for the physical aspects of your recovery but my book has an aspect that not many people know, nor understand. I talk a lot about the psychological aspect of the recovery and how I was constantly confused by everything and everyone. I wrote this book because I wish someone could have given me a heads up on what it was like recovering, and what to expect. I hope my book can help out other who have unfortunately received this injury as well.

My books mission is too inspire many to things thought impossible.

My book can be found on Amazon here:



  • laura meade  On November 16, 2010 at 00:05

    hi miracle kid.

    i have had 6 brain sugeries.i had an artery blow up in my head five years ago.i too, am considered a miracle.

    i take no meds. i am very healthy. i used to be a diver,climber,hiker etc..i have rappeled over 200 feet. i take no meds. getting married at the end of the year and am writing a book. glad to see others like me!!!

    take care,



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