Monthly Archives: November 2012

A completely new person

Its amazing how you are one person and in an instant it changes.

For me I was a star athlete in high school and boy did my life change ever so much when I got into my car accident that day. The weekend before I was going to my junior prom as dumb and dumber (that’s right I went to prom as dumb and dumber-I was the orange one).

But anyways, I was this fun loving teen who everyone loved to be around and was an exceptional athlete; all that changed the day I got into my car accident. I woke unable to walk, talk, a different person than the fun loving teen that everyone loved in high school.

Now, I looked as I faced probably my hardest challenge in my recovery. Not learning how to walk again or learning how to direct my arm again but the identity crisis that ensued. I had no idea who I was. I knew who I used to be but I could not be that person any more. No instead, I had to find where I fit into society now and how to do it which most people accomplish in their early years.

All through out my time in college, I began searching for who I was supposed to be. “Who am I now?” is the question I often times asked myself.

The struggle was un-relentless and still to this day I am still not a 100% sure on where I fit. I can write well so I do that, this is pretty much my thought process when trying to find something that I can identify with.

It is truly amazing how fast life can change in a blink of an eye! you are one person one minute then you open your eyes from a month long coma and you now must be someone else.  Its not like you chose to be this person either, you have no choice. The person has been chosen for you.

It is up to us to either sit back and say I’m not going to fight to be who I want to be or who I am comfortable with or keep pushing to be who we want or who we were meant to be!