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People just don’t get it

People just don’t get how severe a brain injury is…

Let’s say that you fall down and break your arm. Just your arm is broken, nothing else is affected. You can still walk, still talk, can still think fast enough to process conversations.

But let’s say you fall down and hit your head and sustain a traumatic brain injury.

Many people don’t realize how severe and how much your life has no changed. They don’t see the “invisible wounds”, stuff that no one can see.

Because if you fall down and hit your and get a traumatic brain injury, you not only hurt your head but you have now¬†inflicted¬†pain to your entire body. I don’t just mean actually pain but I mean now your life is going to be painful because you are trying to your body a certain way and you just can’t make it move the way you want it to.

You try, try and try but it just doesn’t work the way you want.

it’s up to us to rise above the pain. The pain of being another casualty to a TBI or ABI. WE can do it! Nobody knows what goes on or what we are going through but it is up to us to rise above it!