“Not Quites”

“Not Quites”


Be Careful!!!

Please be careful when you are in charge of someone else’s life!

A completely new person

Its amazing how you are one person and in an instant it changes.

For me I was a star athlete in high school and boy did my life change ever so much when I got into my car accident that day. The weekend before I was going to my junior prom as dumb and dumber (that’s right I went to prom as dumb and dumber-I was the orange one).

But anyways, I was this fun loving teen who everyone loved to be around and was an exceptional athlete; all that changed the day I got into my car accident. I woke unable to walk, talk, a different person than the fun loving teen that everyone loved in high school.

Now, I looked as I faced probably my hardest challenge in my recovery. Not learning how to walk again or learning how to direct my arm again but the identity crisis that ensued. I had no idea who I was. I knew who I used to be but I could not be that person any more. No instead, I had to find where I fit into society now and how to do it which most people accomplish in their early years.

All through out my time in college, I began searching for who I was supposed to be. “Who am I now?” is the question I often times asked myself.

The struggle was un-relentless and still to this day I am still not a 100% sure on where I fit. I can write well so I do that, this is pretty much my thought process when trying to find something that I can identify with.

It is truly amazing how fast life can change in a blink of an eye! you are one person one minute then you open your eyes from a month long coma and you now must be someone else.  Its not like you chose to be this person either, you have no choice. The person has been chosen for you.

It is up to us to either sit back and say I’m not going to fight to be who I want to be or who I am comfortable with or keep pushing to be who we want or who we were meant to be!


Thank God for caregivers with out them I don’t know where we would be!

I do not need one any more but when I did my mother was always right there to help!

We need more people like them. Having a brain injury people are quick to judge us and think that we are weird and do not want to be connected with us.

We were not put on this earth ALONE! We were put on this earth with other people. We have to do right by our fellow man. They have the same right to be here that we have.

That’s why it makes me sick when I see people who are quick to judge others and not try to help out others.

Caregivers I believe are sent from above. Because without them where would most of u be?

If it weren’t for them giving us the necessary care the we need it would be a cruel, lonely, cold world for us Brain Injury Survivors.


Miracle Kid: seventeen year old newborn

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Participate in a TBI Study!!

Study information


Help those trying to help you or the people you care about!!



The Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center (MSKTC), funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR), is a project carried out by the American Institutes for Research in collaboration with George Mason University (GMU) and WETA/BrainLine. The goal of the MSKTC is to improve the quality, clarity, and relevance of information available to individuals with spinal cord injury (SCI), traumatic brain injury (TBI), or burn injury and other stakeholders.


For this study, the MSKTC seeks to better understand the health information needs of caregivers of individuals with spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, and/or burn injury.


What is this research activity about and what will you ask me to do?


We are developing consumer materials for caregivers of individuals with spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, and/or burn injury. In order to tailor these materials for our target audiences, we seek to understand the health information needs of caregivers.


Participants will engage in a telephone interview, during which we will ask you to complete a questionnaire and ask some questions about your health information needs. This interview will take about 60 minutes via telephone, and you will be compensated $20 for your time.


Who can participate?


  • Participants should be individuals who are partners/caregivers for some who has had a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, or severe burn injury in the past five years.
  • Participants must be over 18.

Do I have to participate in this research activity?


No.  It is your choice to participate or not. Also, you have the right to stop participating at any time, and you do not have to answer any questions that you don’t want to.  There are no penalties if you choose not to participate or stop participating. All information you provide will be confidential.


More information


If you have additional questions about this project, please call             (202) 403-5127       or email msktc@air.org

People just don’t get it

People just don’t get how severe a brain injury is…

Let’s say that you fall down and break your arm. Just your arm is broken, nothing else is affected. You can still walk, still talk, can still think fast enough to process conversations.

But let’s say you fall down and hit your head and sustain a traumatic brain injury.

Many people don’t realize how severe and how much your life has no changed. They don’t see the “invisible wounds”, stuff that no one can see.

Because if you fall down and hit your and get a traumatic brain injury, you not only hurt your head but you have now inflicted pain to your entire body. I don’t just mean actually pain but I mean now your life is going to be painful because you are trying to your body a certain way and you just can’t make it move the way you want it to.

You try, try and try but it just doesn’t work the way you want.

it’s up to us to rise above the pain. The pain of being another casualty to a TBI or ABI. WE can do it! Nobody knows what goes on or what we are going through but it is up to us to rise above it!


Do you have a TBI but refuse to believe it?

I know many of us out there are strong willed individuals who believe that there is no way that we could be the one’s with Brain Injury.

I remember waking up from my coma and having my mother tell me that I was going to have to learn how to walk again. I remember thinking to myself that there is no way that she is correct. That I am going to have to learn how to walk again.

But the fact of the matter is many people have some sort of brain injuries and do not even know it. A traumatic brain injury is called the silent epidemic for a reason.

Many people do not know they have one and many people do not know that people have them.

If there is even the slightest doubt that you may have one, please see a doctor. Only a physician can truly diagnose you. As much as we would like to think so, we cant diagnose ourselves.


Right now I am stressing out about finding a good job. No more of these dead end jobs that have no future. I need something that makes a good a mount of money and something I can see myself doing. With that being said I noticed how limited I am in what I am able to do. Having a brain injury makes things difficult and I always feel as though I can not do things as good as people without brain injuries even though I may actually be able to do it better.

It also does not help in how bad the economy is and it is very difficult getting hired for anyone. But, daily I sit back and bounce ideas around my head on jobs I would be able to do and do well.

A friend of mine who is a Federal Correctional Officer gave me the idea a couple years ago the I should apply to be a correctional officer. I truly think this is something that I can do and do well. I am not just looking for a job but I am looking for a career.

In today’s economy to finding a job that you can work and get a pension is tough. So I applied for it and have been contacted by several prison nationally. You never know until you apply.

The reason I am writing this post is to reach out to all of you survivors who are as lost as I am. I got out of college with a degree in journalism and quickly found out that this was not what I wanted to do the rest of my life.

I was lost and couldn’t figure out a good career choice and felt it necessary to find one as soon as I could so I could get out of my parents basement lol.

My advice to you is find what your good at/ enjoy doing and you will find your career path. I like working with people and people from that type of lifestyle interest me. So I find that this is a good selection of a career for me. Besides that after I put in my time I can transfer and go down south, away from the cold finally!

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