Studying to be a teacher n work full time

I wake up at 5:30 am go to work and I am not home until 5 or later. 5 days a week. After I want to work out or watch a baseball game. So when am I supposed to study for the Florida Teacher Certification Exam?

See what I really want to do is teach history and coach baseball. But I need to work to support my family.

I struggle due to my injury in math, and of course even though I want too teach history, I must pass the math section of the general knowledge test before I can even think about taking the social science subject matter test.

So when will I have free time where I can achieve my goals. The answer is never! I will never have a set time where I can study. Now this doesn’t mean I can’t achieve my goals. But by this I simply mean that I will never have time, where my life slows down enough and I can focus on what I want….

You will always be busy!!!!

It is up to you to set up yourself and allow your self to succeed!

After figuring this out I began to bring my school stuff to study on my lunch break. I went to the local dollar tree, bought some things that I know I would need a notebook, note cards, calculator, etc.

Now everyday I walk next door get a breakfast sandwich to eat, sit down in the break room and study.

I am constantly making note cards, doing math problems and reading my FTCE book.

I’ve been studying so hard its starting to pay off and I am finally starting to understand how to solve problem that contain fractions in them and the other day I retook the English language arts part of it and 28 right, 29 is passing.

If you want something, you gotta go get it. No excuses, ya we have a brain injury but is that going to get us what we want?

No one is going to say “oh, they have brain injury, well let them slide on this one”….. No, they are going to hold you to the same standards as everyone else.

You can’t let having a brain injury hold you back from accomplishing your dreams.

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