People think you are stupid

People think you are stupid because you can’t think fast enough to defend yourself.
This happens to me at work all day everyday. People I work with yell at me and tell me that I have no idea what I am doing when there’s a perfectly good explanation for my action.

A perfect example of this was the other day at work, I am a service Porter and one of my jobs is to park customer’s cars in the back where the mechanics c can find the cars to work on them,I saw a spot open and was about to pull in when an employee took the spot. I waited till he got out and told him he couldn’t park there; that he should park in the back with the rest of the employees.

He got out and proceeded to tell me that didn’t know what I was talking about and to park in the space a couple spaces away from him.

So instead of parking in that space next to him (that would have been easier to pull in to) I chose a different one that made me do a 3 point turn to fit.

I did this to save the easier spot for a bigger car ex: truck. Big SUV.

I thought this was a smart move but when I got out of the car all I hear is “you don’t know what your doing” ” you can’t drive’

And when this happens and someone is being confrontational with me, it’s almost like my Brain shuts down n I have no idea what to say or why I did what I did, like I forget. Even though I know it was the correct thing to do.

Nobody looks at the bigger picture and think to themselves ” hmmm… Maybe there is a reason why he did it this way .”

No one has time for people with a Brain injury so that rather make you think that you have something wrong with you than trying to understand the logic behind the action.

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  • jl  On December 2, 2014 at 15:20

    I total get what you are saying. I have a brain injury too and when people want a answer right away my mind just stops : ( I have been laid off of work so many times because I am not fast : ( I have children to care for but they don’t care its all about money and how fast you can go. I am trying to find a job that I can go at my own pace. Have you found any jobs out there that let you go at your own pace ??

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