Thank God for caregivers with out them I don’t know where we would be!

I do not need one any more but when I did my mother was always right there to help!

We need more people like them. Having a brain injury people are quick to judge us and think that we are weird and do not want to be connected with us.

We were not put on this earth ALONE! We were put on this earth with other people. We have to do right by our fellow man. They have the same right to be here that we have.

That’s why it makes me sick when I see people who are quick to judge others and not try to help out others.

Caregivers I believe are sent from above. Because without them where would most of u be?

If it weren’t for them giving us the necessary care the we need it would be a cruel, lonely, cold world for us Brain Injury Survivors.


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  • Leeza  On September 7, 2013 at 00:10

    I want to say Thank You for sharing your outlook!! I am engaged to the Greatest man I have ever known. He is also living with a traumatic brain injury. He desperately tries every day to be the man he used to be,,, for me,, he doesn’t realize that I love him and fell in love with him when he already had his injury. He tells me everyday that he will get better. To me he is better, better then any other man I have known. How do I help him to realize that I love him as he is.

  • Lisa  On September 18, 2013 at 11:43

    Yes, thank you. I am my son’s caregiver. He is now 21. Although his accident occurred one week after his 18th birthday, he still cannot talk, remember anything, or walk without a walker. Because his emotions are so freaking affectionate, people assume he is dumb. Even the rehabs have written him off. I cannot even get any help from the Dept. of Rehab Services. Absolutely ridiculous. SO I know what you mean about assumptions.

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