By Request: Post Concussion Syndrome…Does it go away??

Now I am not a doctor, nor should my information be thought of in the sense that I am. I can only do my best to respond to the question that has been asked. On that note I can give you some information based on what I have found on the internet.

Some information that I found about Post Concussion Syndrome on a site titled Medscape is:

Some symptoms one may have are decreased tolerance to noise and light, irritability, memory loss or trouble making memories, difficulty focusing, headaches, trouble sleeping, dizziness, and people become tired easily.

Persistent percussive syndrome (PPCS) is believed to be symptoms that last around 6 months.

Yet some believe that symptoms lasting 3 months can be PPCS as well.

Another site says symptoms go away in as little as a few days, few weeks, and half of all suffers are usually symptom free in a month.

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  • Joy Parker  On December 1, 2011 at 17:05

    I sustained my MTBI in March, 2008… I am still suffering with PPCS! My day-in, day-out issues are with severe head pain, dizziness and sleepiness. I have not had even one day without these three symptoms being part of my daily experience. “They” call my head pain a headache, even though it does not feel like a headache. The “dizziness” is not experienced as the room spinning around me, but rather that my brain feels like it is suspended in liquid much like the old compasses our grandparents had on the dashboards of their cars in the 50’s. And if I sit for very long, I simply fall asleep! Additionally, I have memory, speech, comprehension, and ability to stay focused issues. So, in answer to the question… “Does it go away??” In my case, not yet. : (

  • Patricia O'Donnell  On December 3, 2011 at 01:52

    Well, I found that with my brain injury, closed head injury, Many of those symptoms took years to go away,but then it took me four years fighting workers comp and two of my insurance companies besides that for someone to allow me to get into the Rehab hospital program for help. So, I just got worse. I am not dizzie all the time,but I still have a bad sleep problem and chronic pain. I only get dizzie occassionally instead of all the time. I was dizzie every day for five years at least and in the warm water pool therapy, I got dizzie longer. Now only occassionaly in pool and only occassionally dizzie and light sensative. Usually when lots of movement around me like crowds of people walking or watching amusement rides or looking up too long.. My fatigue is still poor,but I guess better then I was,but it has halted at this point for many years now. I have much better memory and found where my long term was stored. I also got better at short term,but still need repetition much more then prior to injury. the light sensativity is much better, not have to wear sunglasses all the time inside now. I can handle more noise,but I do get sensaitive to it way earlier. I loved people and noise and commotion before, It actually energized me to be out and around people. Now, I get really tired with too much commotion and noise and lights. And I had a headache every day for five years. It took a long time to get them to lessen and not have them every day. that was horrible too. I only get them occassionally now. Thanks goodness. I was able to go back to school with lots of therapies and cognitive rehab and assistive technology. It was so much harder this time and I do not learn the same way or as easily. writing and getting my thoughts organized is so much harder. And I do have an attention deficit now and did not have anything near that prior. I was able to really focus prior to the injury. Well, It took me 11 years to get back to my doctoral program,but I went back and finished my program May 2011. So, do not say you cannot do it or let anybody tell you that you will never get any better. Look for another doctor or rehab. AS long as you keep working and do not give up., I found that my body and brain finally started to remember and I got better with time as my brain developed new pathways. It was harder for sure, but I set that goal to go back and it helped me to keep on going in my journey back to wellness.

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