For the longest time, I have had difficulty staying awake enough to accomplish a task. What I mean by this is that I do not fall asleep standing up but I have trouble maintaining focus.

Initial, when I first sustained my injury, I could not find anything that worked. I tried coffee, supplements, everything! Nothing would it was like I was tired no matter what, like I had my mind already  made up that I was going to be tired the rest of the day and there was nothing that I could give my body to attain my focus or energy.

I used to take naps, often….

Now, I am 5 years removed from my accident. I can no longer take a nap when ever I get tired because I am busy (internship, personal training cert, gym, work, etc.).  I needed to find away to stay awake as I was on the go.

There is a coffee machine at my internship. I would attempt to drink a couple of capuchinos throughout the day to help me keep my day running smoothly.

But after away the effect wore off and I stopped being able to fuel my day via a capuchino. I sought something with more strength.

There was a button for espresso. At first I thought it maybe too strong because of the amount of caffeine that were in them. But when I feel myself growing tired I reach for some espresso. IT WORKS FOR ME, EXTREMELY WELL.

I suggest it, give it a try!

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