Full Brain

Some times when I think too much or too hard about something I develop what I like to call a “full brain.” It feels like my brain has swelled to maximum size and there is no more room for any type of information of any kind. It is the strangest feeling. I really do not get this feeling any more but when I used to attend classes at UMass I would often get this feeling.

I think that it has to do something with that I wasn’t really interested in what they were talking about, it felt they were just cramming information into my skull just to keep it there. I think it also has to do with you are so tired from focusing and trying to pay attention and not miss any thing.

I would hate developing this feeling because it lead me to complete ignore people when they would try to talk to me. I wouldn’t being ignoring them out of hate, no instead I would be ignoring them because I would just feel like I could not devote the necessary amount of attention need to conduct a conversation.

My brain would feel “full”, like I had no place to put the information that would be giving to me during the conversation. You automatically become an “asshole” to others because they believe that you are unfriendly and a jerk. It is unfair but it is something that we as brain injury survivors must go through.

My solution: Naps. Shut your brain off for a little while. Let it reboot when you wake up. Think of your brain as a computer…you have just downloaded information (causing you to get the full brain feeling) shut your brain down for a little (nap) then restart it and you will feel energized (wake up from your nap).

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  • lee  On January 31, 2011 at 16:20

    You took the words right out of my head. I always tell folks when there is too much info floating aroun, That my head is too full of info. It’s called FLOODING.
    The is a book called OVER MY HEAD ,by Claudia L. Osborn. She is a doctor that had a BI. It is fantastic you should read it.

  • Demelza  On January 11, 2015 at 05:36

    It’s great to read something that’s both enjoyable and provides prmgtaaisdc solutions.

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