Who Cares???

If people are going to stare at you who cares? If people don’t want to hangout with you, who cares? Developing this mind set help me heal. YOU NEED TO DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO. Remember this and you will heal a lot more and faster.

Nobody knows what it’s like for us, people can think what they want. They can think that we are drunk they can think that we walk weird or that run funny. Who Cares??

When I was in rehab I used to tell my mom that I had “no dignity left.” I would say it as a joke because that for me was the best way to treat my whole stint in rehab. It was the only way I could cope with the sadness of the situation. I didn’t have dignity, I couldn’t have any. Having dignity meant I cared what people though of me.

You can’t care about what people think because you become more worried about what people think of you then the task at hand. For example: you are practicing walking but then you start thinking about how you look when you walk and this leads you to lose focus and fall.

After having a brain injury I know about how hard it is to focus/ concentrate. Heck, multi-tasking is completely out of the question. 5 years removed from my accident and I am just beginning to be able to multi-task.

So when you are practicing the correct form when you walk and you begin to think about what other people may think about your walking. Your brain cannot be in two places at once. I would often lose my balance and fall.

Caring about what other people think can also lead to you being stressed out or worse even depressed. Caring about what other people think leads to expectations and if you do not reach those expectations you may feel down on yourself, no matter what you have accomplished.

You need to just forget about other people for a while and concentrate on you. WHO CARES WHAT OTHERS THINK ABOUT YOU, they do not know what you are going through or how far you have came!!

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  • Debbie Hampton  On December 2, 2010 at 17:46

    I agree with this sentiment totally. I HAD to develop a “who cares” attitude because everything was a little off. I used to try so hard to be “perfect.” It has really taught me a lesson here. Now I just try to be the best I can be …. with a brain injury.

  • laura meade  On December 2, 2010 at 23:52

    i finally learned this.

    it took me a long while because i really used to care what other folks thought.

    now i take care of myself.

  • ramona jones  On December 3, 2010 at 01:28

    This is the attitude that has pulled me through it has been 13 months since I was hit by a car and left for dead in the road with severe head trauma.multiple broken bones and back on november 5 I finally got my custom bone flap,so many people are concerned that as a female about my cranioplasty scar and that I don’t have hair but guess what who cares…I’m alive and not a vegetable this who cares attitude keeps me going until the people who ask such dumb questions and make pathetic comments survive a brain injury they will never understand or comprehend the daily battle. The who cares attitude is to me essential in the recovery process of a brain injury,its about you and embracing the new person you are because after a brain injury you are a new person,your never the same.

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