Refresh Your Memory

Remembering things can be very difficult, especially right after acquiring a brain injury. When I was in rehab, people would tell me things and I would agree with them, even set a time to do it. Five seconds later they would bring up that same thing that we had been talking about and I would reply “what?”

I notice something though. I would only forget if I stopped thinking about what we had talked about. I noticed I would remember if I had kept coming back to it or thinking about what ever it was that we were talking about. I still use this technique. Even though I do not need to to remember things. I still use this technique subconsciously.

The technique is to REFRESH YOUR BRAIN. Your brain is like a computer, it needs to be refreshed after time passes. Have you ever been online and the website freezes? You can no longer click on anything/ navigate the page. You must hit the refresh button to refresh the page, that way your computer can remember what it is doing.

The same thing happens with your brain. Your brain tends to forget what you need to do. If someone tells you to be somewhere at a certain time or tells you to get something done later, you may forget. In order to remember these things I keep revisiting when that person told me to do this in my memories.

Every time you revisit your memories, you are refreshing your brain. Think of it like this. You can only remember it for so long, say 15 mins. But if you keep revisiting what you are supposed to do you add on 15 mins to whatever it is you need to remember.

So instead of just getting 15 mins to remember you now have an opportunity to expand that time much, much longer.

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