Frozen in a time period

Kelly Sanders is a person who, like me, helps people with brain injuries. She has came to the conclusion that wherever we were in our growth progression, we became frozen to that period of time of our injury. She says to me about being frozen in a time period “Hence, if you were prepubescent then regardless your current age, you will still have the behaviors, attitude and general demeanor of a pre pubescent person. If you were just on the verge of adulthood then most likely you will maintain those behaviors attitudes and expect the same of others. I have also developed the following similar to the AA 12 step program, this is my tbi10step program.”

Injury Psyche Levels

1. Acceptance/Denial

2. Association/emotional understanding

3. Re-learning age appropriate behaviors, betterment of self & skills

4. Leadership (taking charge of disabling condition)

5. Sharing, mentoring, empowering of ability

6. Speaking out, teaching

7. Engaging, empowering increasing roles (setting goals)

8. Team building

9. Achieving goals

10. Independence

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