Dealing with Being Different/Slurred speech

Slurred speech can also lead to people believing that someone who has a TBI is drunk, when in fact he/she is just tired. Slurred speech was one of the hardest things that I encountered with my Brain injury. I was constantly harassed because everyone would think I was drunk when I was tired. My tongue would get tired and have trouble making the correct movements to produce the correct sound.

You must consider where they are coming from. It is not every day that they see someone with a brain injury but they see people drunk all the time. It is what they are familiar with so they associate someone with slurred speech with being drunk than to have a brain injury.

Not to mention, many are ignorant to what a brain injury is or to the effects of one. So, yes this is a pain in the neck to go through while you are recovering but you must look at their point of view. This was one of the hardest things I had to go through during my recovery. All you can do is turn the other cheek.

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  • Kyle Stever  On December 8, 2010 at 11:34

    Hello, I am an electrical/computer engineering student who is focusing on a concentration in biomedical signal processing.

    Currently, I am beginning research into the phonetic disintegration in time domain speech signals of a slur caused by any type of disorder in an attempt to clean this speech blindly for some type of real-time application to aid those who suffer from this disorder.

    I am currently in need of first hand experience from those who suffer from this disorder. I would like to know what phonemes are commonly slurred in your speech. Examples of phonemes are the sounds: ‘s’, ‘t’, ‘sh’, ‘zh’, etc.

    If anyone who reads this could help, please email me at:

    Thank you,

  • ryan smith  On December 16, 2010 at 11:11

    hey how ya doin

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