Energy Supplements

I know that with a brain injury you look for all types of things to fight fatigue. One of the many things I tried were energy supplements. I was so tired all the time I tried all types of caffeine supplements to try and stay awake.

It was mainly my mom. She would always come home from the store with some new supplement that was suppose to give you more energy. Some of these types of supplements were gums, pills, drinks, and even mints.You could get these at GNC.

In all seriousness, none of these worked to keep me awake. When I was tired and needed to sleep or needed to “recharge my battery” thats exactly what I needed and nothing could stop that. I had to get somewhere where I could lay my head down.

Now, maybe these things would be able to work for you, but when I was recovering from my brain injury they did not work for me. As time went on though, I found caffeine began to have an effect on me.

Sometimes I would drink (this still happens at times) and begin to develop a head buzz like I would if I had started to drink alcohol or smoke a black and mild. In time caffeine did have an effect on me, just not right away.

It is not the kind of effect that most people have as you can tell. It doesn’t keep me up at night. Just the other night, I drank a Coke Zero an hour before bed and was able to fall asleep no problem.

I am not saying use supplements or not use them, all I am saying is simply they didn’t work for me. Especially, when I was recovering.

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