Run With What You Got!!!

This is one of the most important posts on this blog. Finding happiness is a struggle everyone with this injury struggles to achieve. The hardest thing for most of us survivors is that we are stuck wishing that we were like we were before our injury ever occured.

You cannot dwell on the past, because thats exactly what it is the past! It happened, there is nothing we can do to change that. It is over and done with, as unfair as it may seem, but there is a reason why we have survived. Not many people get to talk about their experiences after having this injury. REMEMBER WE ARE THE LUCKY ONES!!!

You must remember that you are lucky and every day that you are alive is a blessing in itself. I know for me, there is no medical explanation why I am alive. But I’m here and I’m using my knowledge of what I have learned to help others.

I think it as being the reason God saved me. He wanted me to help others and that is why I can do everything I can do so well. I can do every thing as well as or even some things better than people who haven’t had this injury.

For the longest time I would stress myself out about playing division baseball or why I couldn’t get the perfect body. I would forget where I was coming from, forgot what had happened to me.

Then I learned something. If I didn’t have it then I just didn’t have it or if I couldn’t do it then I couldn’t do it. See, I was caught up in if I work real hard everything will come back to me, everything will go back to the way it was before the accident.

I learned that because I couldn’t do the things of old that I had improvise. I had to become a different person. Not completely different but enough to conform to my limitations and “RUN WITH WHAT I GOT.”

I began to think about what have I done that no one else has done or what knowledge do I have that no one else can share. I began to embrace my injury, began to write a book about my experiences hoping to help anyone who had this injury or was dealing with these type of injuries.

As I was finishing up my book, I thought to myself “why do I have to wait for my book to be published to help others.” I created this blog, facebook group and pages, and began to friend others dealing with the same problems that I face.

Now, I am happy. I am happy because I am not fighting with myself to try and be something that I’m not or that I was. I AM RUNNING WITH WHAT I GOT!!! It feels great to help others and I am really good at it (at least I like to think so).

Please remember this tip during your recovery. You will save your self from depression and disappointment. This may be the key to your recovery that you have been looking for!

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  • Suzanne A. Griffin  On November 21, 2010 at 22:37

    Even having several mild brain injuries add up and take a toll on you. Since my first skull fracture came as an infant, having to relearn after reinjuries has been hard, since I do not have physical injuries and I knew what I was capable of doing, not knowing actually why things were changing or not being consistant and being able to put it into words why I was differant, I did not know. I am glad you have this here so we can help bring awareness to what we are dealing with.

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