Drinking Liquids

I know for me one of the hardest things to do is drinking liquids, especially clear liquids. Liquids of all kinds give me trouble. I learned how to swallow, while I was in rehab, but I still choke dramatically when ever I try to drink fast.

While I was in rehab the speech pathologist taught me how to swallow again. She taught me how to drink using a straw at first. I then graduated to a can, bottle or I drank out of a cup after I had left rehab.

There is a certain way to insure that you will not choke. That way is that you need to angle your head down and swallow. You can’t tip your head up because this opens up the air ways and the liquid will go down, causing you to choke.

You must keep your head angled down because this closes your airways, because of this you are no longer allowed to drink fast. Well you could but I do not encourage this. If you want to not choke then take little sips of your water and keep your head angled down.

When you drink fast you must angle your head up so make the liquids come out of the bottle/ can. Because your head is angled up your airways are now open. You will almost always choke when you try to drink fast, unless of course you use a straw.

I try to drink fast now but I still have a hard time with it. A large gulping sound comes from my throat. It comes directly out of where my tracheotomy was, right where the scar is now. It is so loud that I’ll be in the kitchen drinking a Gatorade and my parents in the living room complain about the sound.

I believe a lot of my choking comes a lot from having a tracheotomy. That and my left side of my throat is a lot weaker than my right.  I have developed a bad habit to prevent choking so I could drink faster.

The bad habit I have developed is every time I drink out of a can, bottle or even a cup I practically French kiss the bottle. I do this, subconsciously, to slow the flow of liquids. My friends make fun of me all the time.

I stick my tongue to the bottle opening or the end of the glass/ cup/ can/ bottle, I tilt my head back slightly and this slows the liquids from shooting straight down the back of my throat. Now, I am slowly stopping this habit.

I must consciously tell my self to not do it. I curl my tongue to touch the top of my tongue with the tip of my tongue, then I bring the beverage to my lips. I do it in this order to remind myself that this is the correct way to drink a beverage.

I have the hardest time drinking water. Nearly everytime I take a sip of water I choke. It must have something to do with it being a clear liquid. I am not sure, but I still struggle drinking this beverage.

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