Remembering People’s Names

I know how hard it was for me to remember peoples names. Especially, when I first went to school. I was barely recovered, my memory wasn’t up to par. Right when I got to school I was meeting all these new people and it was tough for me to remember their names.

All these people would know who I was and I had know idea who they were. I felt like the biggest jerk because they would say “hi, Zach!” and I would answer back “hey, you…” I felt terrible, because they knew my name and I had no idea who they were.

This wasn’t all due to my memory not being great. A lot of it was, but the main reason was that I would meet someone and I wouldn’t see them again for a couple weeks. With a brain injury I learned the best way to improve your memory is repetition. What I mean by this is that I would remember people’s names if I saw them everyday because I would refresh my memory every day or so.

Then my mother had given me a gift one day. It was this CD, that had tips on ways to increase my memory. I would often listen to this after my workouts my freshman year, when I would walk on the treadmill.  There was a section on how to remember names.

It listed a couple of tips, but the on that resonated with me was one that incorporated repetition. It said that people use other nouns rather than the person’s name when they greet them. For example, if the man’s name is actually Jon, “what up man.” The person is replacing Jon with man. I found this interesting and kept listening.

The CD told me to, every time you greet someone, use their name in the greeting. So now instead of, “what up man” you would say “what up Jon” by doing this you every time you see that person you remember this is Jon. Now, your brain will associate this man’s face with the name Jon.

It works for me, I was even getting brothers names correct and other people who looked similar. This is a great trick and if you have problems remembering someone’s name, try this!

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